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Maple Syrupmaple syrup

Maple syrup is one of nature’s purest foods. It is made from sugar maple trees, found only in north eastern North America.

A maple tree can be tapped after it becomes 10" in diameter, or about 40 years of age. It would take 5 to 6 trees of this size, if the whole tapping season was above freezing days and with freezing nights, to yield enough sap for one gallon of maple syrup!

It requires 57 1/3 gallons of 1.5% brix sap to produce a gallon of maple syrup. 56 1/3 gallons of water are boiled out as steam. To make maple sugar, even more water is boiled out until the syrup will crystalize when stirred.

In this whole process, nothing is ever added to the product.

Quantity depends totally on Mother Nature. The sap stops running if it warms up too quickly and temperatures are above freezing during the night.

We process our maple syrup the old fashioned way, by collecting sap with horse drawn wagons. We use natural filters for the syrup to be strained. We also use butter instead of a chemical defoaming agent.

We do not use pipelines, or plastic tubes, to collect our maple sap. Instead we use 'spiles', which allow the sap to drip into buckets. Our syrup is packaged in reusable glass jars to promote environmental packaging.

Let the flavour be the judge!

Have a look at some pictures of Maple Syrup production in action.

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